Who is David Finestein?

It's me, David (terrible self portrait to your right). I make photographs and clothes (the images on the clothes; unfortunately, I don't yet have a textile factory). My work depicts ordinary things from not-so-ordinary perspectives. How many of you have looked at a parking garage with any thought whatsoever? I have. How many of you have asked to take pictures of total strangers' apartments? I have. I want to share these things with you because I believe that our often mundane surroundings improve our lives when attention is paid to them.

You see, most of life is a miserable slog. It isn't until we begin appreciating the everyday that we begin to feel "good." People used to have to experience something called boredom, something that is seldom experienced today thanks to the internet. While the internet has done more good than harm, the damage has been done. People used to notice more. I'd like you to notice more with me.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama.
Currently in New York

Group exhibition - RESILIENCE 2020, Garner Arts Center, Garnerville, New York
Self-organized exhibition - Les acteurs qui ne jouent plus - New York - 22 October 2020
Shanghai International Art Fair - 19-22 November 2020

Group exhibition - Personality: Contemporary Portraiture - PH21 Gallery - Budapest - 11 March - 3 April 2021
Group exhibition - Instability and Precariousness - LoosenArt.com at Millepiani - Rome - 25 March - 1 April 2021

Group exhibition - The Value - CICA Museum - Korea - 2-20 June 2021

The Other Art Fair Brooklyn - 22 - 25 July 2021

HORIZONT No. 15 Vol. 5 - Joe Carson for Death to Tennis

Private collection, New York, New York
Private collection, Birmingham, Alabama

Private collection, Shanghai, China


2016 - 2020 - New York University, BA